Liturgical Items
Our wholesale outlet offers liturgical items, such as:
  • sacramental wafers, hosts
  • chalices, chalice cloths
  • pyxes
  • monstrances
  • bells, gongs
  • ampules, trays
  • candlesticks, candle holders
  • pulpits
  • caldrons, sprinklers
  • censers, boats
  • incense, charcoal
  • candles, casings, oil refills
  • tablecloths
  • canopies, banners, flags, fittings.

Devotional Articles
In our offer, one will find many small objects of religious cult:
  • resin figures
  • gypsum figures and made of plastic mass
  • low reliefs
  • icons
  • paintings and reproductions
  • silver paintings
  • roseries
  • Christmas sets
  • crosses
  • First-Comunion articles.

Liturgical Vestments and Apparel
We have a wide range of accessories and liturgical vestments, such as:
  • chasubles
  • albs
  • stoles
  • cassocks
  • surplices
  • copes
  • veils
  • shirts
  • pullovers, fleeces.

We are a wholesale outlet that distributes religious books and stationery paper products:
  • albums
  • Bibles, Scriptures
  • liturgical books
  • catechisms
  • religious books.

We are a wholesale outlet that distributes religious books and stationery paper products:
  • invitations
  • calendars
  • lanterns
  • souvenirs for various occasions (christening, wedding, first communion)
  • posters.
  • banners
  • fine papers
  • handbags
  • napkins
  • photo albums.
We are also a distributor of:
  • paraffin oil for liturgical candles
  • oil candle casings.
  • sacred resin figures
  • paraffin and oil liturgical candles
  • altar wines
  • hand-made decorated ampules
  • candle casings and refills
  • aromatic incense
  • censer charcoal.
We also make laser discriptions on First-Comunnion pictures bought in our shops.

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